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Enroll For Free Online Courses With Top Universities

MOOC stands for Massive Open Online Courses is taking the world of E-Learning by storm. MOOC’s are free online courses which are provided by some elite universities like Stanford, MIT, Harvard, UC Berkely to name a few.

MOOC’s provide high quality educational content for students all over the globe. The best part of MOOC is to let students learn at their own pace. And unlike traditional courses here you can revisit the course contents as many time as you want. You can also download videos, PDF, slideshows etc, from their website and can study offline too.

All you need is passion for learning and a computer with decent internet connection.

These free online courses offers subjects ranging from Engineering, Mathematics, Programming, Psychology the list is endless. The teachers teaching these free online courses are some of the best authors and pioneers in their respective fields.

You have to spend an average of 4-5 hours per week learning the contents depending on the course you have enrolled, which you can learn as per your convenience. Forums are a great way for students from different parts of the world to ask questions and learn through collaboration.

There are some interactive assignments and quizzes which makes learning fun and it also helps you to keep track of your progress. You also get a course completion certificate for some courses which you can also add to your resume or Linkedin profile.

You can simply drop out of a course if anytime you feel like you are getting bored and jump to another course without getting penalized.

Below is the list of websites which provides such free online courses.

1. Coursera

free online courses from coursera

Coursera is one of the best MOOC platform which provides free online courses. It lets you choose from 300+ courses in over 20 categories created by 62 Universities from 16 countries. There are wide array of courses ranging from Arts, Science, Mathematics, Medicine and Artificial Intelligence.


2.  edX

free onlien courses from edX

edX offers free online courses from best professors and universities. Their forums is more like a social learning tool which you use to connect to thousands of like minded students from around the globe. They offer subjects ranging from law, history, science, engineering, business, social sciences, computer science, public health, and artificial intelligence (AI).


3. Udemy

free online courses from udemy

Udemy offers free online courses along with paid courses. Learn everything from programming to photography to design to yoga and more.


4. Udacity

free online courses from udacity

Udacity caters wider audience by providing free online courses for high school, college students and professionals as well. Get a course completion certificate after you successfully finish a course (for selected courses only).  



Free online courses MIT

MIT OPEN COURSEWARE is a web-based publication of virtually all MIT course content, which is accessible to everyone for free. This site contains 2000+ free online courses ranging from business, fine arts, engineering and medicine.



free online courses harvard

HARVARD EXTENSION SCHOOL provides 200+ courses including college lectures. They also have an extensive list of language courses ranging from Japanese, Italian, Latin, Greek, German etc .These courses are free and available for everyone.


7. Carnegie Mellon University

free online courses carnegie mellon

Carnegie Mellon University Open Learning Initiative is helping masses by bridging the gap between educators and students. Apart from high quality text and video contents, they also provide students with practice activities, self-assessments, and graded assessments. Students can also track their progress from an interactive learning dashboard. 


8. University of California Berkeley

free online courses berkeley

University of California Berkeley records tons of courses every semester and provides them for free to the students. They record courses in audio and video formats and make it available through UC Berkeley’s YouTube and iTunes-U distribution channels. 


9. Open Yale Courses

free-online-courses-from-yaleOpen Yale Courses provides free online courses ranging from molecular biology to astronomy. You can start taking the course without any need for registration. No certificate is currently available through the Open Yale Courses website.


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Get Free Online Courses From Top Universities
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Get Free Online Courses From Top Universities
MOOC stands for Massive Open Online Courses is taking the world of E-Learning by storm. MOOC's are free online courses which are provided by some elite universities like Stanford, MIT, Harvard, UC Berkely to name a few.
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